The construction vertical

The vertical market of the construction industry. We use the term vertical because it has an inclusive connotation. A vertical transcends all sectors of industrial activity (primary, secondary, tertiary). It includes all the human or material resources required to carry out a construction project of any scale. 

We specialize in the construction vertical: 80% of our clients come from this sector. Thus, our clients are your suppliers or your customers. 

It goes without saying that the construction industry is archaic. We will see an acceleration in its transformation, as some players will want to take advantage of this shortcoming by introducing a culture of innovation, new work methods, and technological tools.

"Construction vertical. Any company that contributes its products or services to the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure."

We  work with all sorts of companies in all sectors of industrial activity related to construction:

Mining. Raw material extraction

Manufacturing. Processing of building products

-> see the page Manufacturing Sector

General Contractor or Subcontractor. Management and execution of construction projects. 

-> see page Construction Sector

Professional Services. Design, estimation, and planning of construction projects 

We are dedicated to this vertical because we come from the construction industry. This means that we have a keen understanding of the issues and challenges facing the sector. We know that we can make a difference in an industry that is technologically behind.

We firmly believe that we need to bring together all sectors of activity that affect construction. To date, there are too many silos that hinder cross-sectoral collaboration and, eventually, the user. The interconnection of systems between suppliers and customers is necessary to ensure better synchronization. 

Technological tools will also allow us to ensure better traceability of materials, products, and workers. This will optimize the quality and estimation of projects. 

It will be our pleasure to share our vision of the construction vertical with you. In the meantime, you can refer to our blog section. We expose our opinions based on years of practical research and testimonials from our clients. 

The construction industry reflects, designs, and builds our private and collective environments that affect our way of life. It operates in a context where the world is facing major changes: the population of urban areas, climate change, and the reduction of available resources.

The construction industry thus plays a major role in the sustainability and success of our society. We therefore have a responsibility to help companies focus on this issue. We want to revolutionize the way the industry works by automating their operations.


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