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If you have browsed through our website, you have noticed that we are more than just an ordinary integrator. Construction runs through our veins: it’s what we’re all about. The perfect mix of the construction industry and technology is what we do and we are passionate about it. You’ll hear it through our enthusiasm when we meet. 

This is no coincidence! We can thank the construction industry for our existence. Indeed, Blackware Technologies was launched following a successful digital transformation of a building materials distribution business owned by one of our co-founders in 2012. Interconnection between applications, the Cloud, operational automation, digital efficiency, low operating costs, and so much more has been part of our reality for almost ten years now. 

It’s fascinating though that the construction industry is so behind technologically speaking. A great technological leap forward will be observed in the coming months and years. We are witnessing new trends: the interconnection of internal and external systems, traceability of operations, robot workers, the evaluation of construction site progress done by drones, 3D printing on worksites to compensate for the lack of material, artificial intelligence facilitating estimation, inventory, purchasing, and project management, and so much more.

This reality is not only relevant for large companies as we see it happening in many parts of the world for smaller companies as well. Companies that take the digital turn will have an undeniable advantage over their competition.

Basic issues

The testimonials of entrepreneurs and workers that we have gathered confirm that companies are not ready for innovative technologies. We still see papers or a multitude of Excel files as management tools… The shift has to happen!

You will probably recognize yourself in one or many of these statements: 

  • you can’t track the progress of your construction sites on your smartphone;
  • you have to constantly transfer information from one file to another;
  • you still have paper plans on the job site;
  • you send your purchase orders by signing papers;
  • you manage your site launches manually, one by one;
  • you dispatch your employees using post-it notes on a board at your office;
  • you manage your projects in an Excel file;
  • you get your site reports by phone and they are written in a binder;
  • you employ people who are irreplaceable because of their knowledge;
  • you manage your timesheets by e-mail or with handwritten sheets that your superintendent brings back to you;
  • you don’t know where your equipment is or if maintenance has been done;
  • you still manage invoices manually.

These issues are most likely similar to yours. We know them and, most importantly, we know how to address them. Whether you’re a commercial general contractor, a residential general contractor, a civil engineering contractor, or a subcontractor, construction companies operate in essentially the same way. We already have the solution for 80% of your problems. The remaining 20% are specific to your industry and your differentiators. We make sure that we optimize your operations and propel your company with technological tools and modern work methods.

Advanced issues

If your technological maturity is greater, your issues likely reach another level. Issues such as :

  • you want to interconnect your internal applications;
  • you want to interconnect your ERP with that of your suppliers;
  • you want to offer your customers a dashboard to track work;
  • you want to gather data for artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • you want to collect data on the performance of your tools, equipment or personnel;
  • you want to integrate 3D printers on your worksites to meet last-minute instructions;
  • etc.

If your issues are of this nature, know that you have found a team capable of catering to your every need. Blackware is made for and trained for meeting challenges.

Complete transaction cycle

Our role is to propel your strategic plan with technological tools and efficient work methods. We work on the optimization of your entire transactional cycle: from prospecting potential clients to final invoicing and, finally, the ledger. We will work with you to improve your operations every step of the way: estimating, project launching, project management and execution, logistics, dispatching employees to the site, equipment management, inventory, purchasing, quality control, and accounting.

“For us, digital transformation is the combination of three factors: the optimisation of processes, the implementation of technological tools, and the appropriation of a culture of innovation and change. ”


BWT’s working methodology is the result of continuous improvement and development based on the use of Google’s agile Scrum and Design Sprint methods: we have identified and applied what we value about these methods. Through trial and error, we have improved and adjusted our way of doing things based on feedback from our clients and our team to develop a work methodology that is collaborative and inclusive.


The first phase of this work method consists of understanding your organization’s business objectives, problems, and issues. Through a holistic approach, the portrait of the company’s situation will be taken as a whole thus allowing you to understand the current needs and to apprehend the future stakes of your company. Based on the information gathered from this analysis, we will be able to present you with a personalized roadmap of potential solutions that will meet your business needs and that will be adapted to the reality of your organization and its various stakeholders. 


As the project is planned at a high level, it will now be necessary to establish the solutions. By working with your teams, we will learn more about their work realities and specific needs. The contribution of your teams is essential to a complete understanding of your strategic and practical needs. Including them in this process also reduces resistance to change since they will participate, with their ideas and suggestions, in implementing this change in your company.

Our approach, which ensures the gradual progress of your project, offers you an overview of it all and allows you to get involved in the project. Delivering iteration by iteration allows you to put it to the test, validate it, or make adjustments if necessary, rather than waiting until the very end of the project. With your regular feedback, we will be able to act efficiently should we require a functionality considered crucial, a new need, or a change in priorities. Of course, throughout this phase, your teams will be trained to use the tools and be able to make better-informed decisions.


Once approved, it will be time to test the solution in your work environments. You may have to go back to your previously determined needs and then to the ideation phase to adjust the original solution or to adapt it to your new reality. Once ready, it will be implemented in your production environment. You will now have access to all your company data that your teams will use daily when carrying out their tasks. To get the most out of your new work reality, as well as the methods and functions related to it, the emphasis will be put on user training.

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